Trust Law – We Have Really No idea Of Anything In Regard To Who We Are

You were born a human baby in the PRIVATE and your parents registered your name and live birth vitals into the PUBLIC, when they filled in an application for registration of a live birth.  The application was turned into a trust registered in the books of a Vital Statistics Office. The trust was then amalgamated into an even larger trust called the PUBLIC trust, along with all the other babies born throughout the years. Her Majesty is the Settlor of the trust(s) on behalf of the beneficiaries, the flesh and blood living men and women, who are never told their trust exists.

The government took an extract from the application for registration of a live birth, a few days following the application process and created a second you, with your exact name and vitals, without any disclosure to your parents. A new human resource was registered, called a corporation or body politic, evidenced by the Certificate of Birth you received with your name written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The Certificate of Birth is not signed by your parents, it is signed by the Registrar and/or Director of births, deaths, marriages, adoptions and baptisms, at a Vital Statistics Office.

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