It’s Not Love That Hurts

It's Not Love That Hurts


Aspartame (E951)

Aspartame (E951) is found in many foods and drinks today. It is used as an artificial sweetener. What they don’t tell you is… It’s a neuro toxin and is made from the defecation of E-coli bacteria! That shit is cancer in a can. Literally.

Declare Yourself Sovereign

Declare Yourself Sovereign

When I told God that I wanted to move past all limitations in my spiritual expansion , I didn’t realize that would inevitably mean declaring SOVEREIGNTY and disavowing the legitimacy of the Government and refusing it jurisdiction over me, the flesh-and-blood, ensouled man, the embodied Spirit.

What is Sovereignty?

Sovereignty means having absolute unfettered freedom and supreme dominion over your realm- that you are King of your own domain and are governed by the Laws of Nature, or Common Law, and NOT the “laws” of morally-bankrupt corporations and their “security guards”- the State and Law Enforcement personnel.

Who else wants to declare “Sovereignty”?

Let’s all pool our resources and start an off-the-grid EcoVillage!

Yoga and Music and Gardening and drumming and dancing and storytelling around the bonfire every night- Festival Life 24/7 powered by Enlightened Creative Thought, Agape Love and Seva Service!