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Mainstream Education

Mainstream Education

When I ask someone “What would you love to do with your life if you didn’t have to work for a living?” Just imagine we didn’t have to pay to live here, what would you love to do??

If I asked this question to a child they would have the best answers!! No one I’ve asked yet have seem to come up with an answer because no one can think of what they truly want from life. Everyone seems brainwashed seeing as all they have studied since school is how to find a job to pay for your costs of living.

Sadly once you’ve been through mainstream education, they have destroyed your dreams and your imagination becomes a box and it’s almost a sin to think outside of the box.

Wouldn’t you like to know of an alternative way of living that doesn’t depend on the monetary system that will enable you to follow your passions and talents because you wouldn’t need money to survive?

Stayed tuned. Love to you all. OWM x